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Zoonoses Veterinary Awareness

Request a proposal for Zoonoses Veterinary Awareness free health talk designed to reduce public health risks from zoonoses and other health threats at the human-animal-ecosystems interface.

Any disease or infection that is naturally transmissible from vertebrate animals to humans and vice-versa is classified as a zoonosis.

Zoonoses still represent significant public health threats, but many of them are neglected, i.e. they are not prioritized by health systems at national and international levels. They affect hundreds of thousands of people especially in developing countries, although most of them can be prevented. Some examples of zoonoses, classified according to the type of causative agent, are given hereafter.


Every year millions of people get sick because of foodborne zoonoses such as Salmonellosis and Campylobacteriosis which cause fever, diarrhoea, abdominal pain, malaise and nausea. Other bacterial zoonoses are anthrax, brucellosis, infection by verotoxigenic Escherichia coli, leptospirosis, plague, Q fever, shigellosis and tularaemia.


Cysticercosis/Taeniasis is caused by a parasite which infects swine and can cause seizures, headache and many other symptoms in humans. In Latin America for example, 100 out of 100 000 inhabitants suffer from this disease (estimation). Other parasitic zoonoses are trematodosis, echinococcosis/hydatidosis, toxoplasmosis and trichinellosis.


Rabies is a disease of carnivores and bats mainly transmissible to humans by bites. Almost all persons infected by rabid animals will die if not treated. An estimated number of 55 000 persons, mainly children, die of this disease in the world every year. Dogs are responsible for most human deaths. Other viral zoonoses are avian influenza, Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever, Ebola and Rift Valley fever.


Dermatophytoses are superficial mycoses that may be acquired from infected animals and affect the skin, hair and nails of humans, causing itching, redness, scaling and hair loss. Another mycotic infection that can be zoonotic is sporotrichosis.

Health2Wealth Zoonoses Veterinary Awareness 

Together with other health partners, we sponsors FREE Zoonoses Veterinary Awareness health talks to help local farmers, agricultural company workers and the general public members to get and stay healthy.

We are team of experts committed to the delivery of high quality information on how to live in health, wealth and total well-being.

The talks are deliver in easy-to-understand language, with time for some questions and answers. They take place in corporate settings, such as places of meeting, recreation centers, conference halls, community halls, churches and other event places.

Besides organizing FREE health talks and workshops, we also provides AFFORDABLE on-site health screening where feasible.

Other world health bodies like Centre for Disease Control (CDC), Harvard Medical School (HMS), American Nutritional Society (ANS), World Health Organization (WHO), have identifies that solution and sources of most health challenges is DIET and LIFESTYLE.

At Health2Wealth, we have formulated a solid nutritional foundation which we belief is the essential tool in the pursuit of health, vitality and functional longevity and in fighting diseases.

Our mission is to fulfill such need by carrying out FREE Health Talk and a comprehensive Body check-up to your organization.

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