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International organizations, NGOs, Corporate organizations, Government agencies, Politicians, Philanthropists and Individual form the bulk of sponsors for our Health Awareness Campaigns and Programs.

Our organization is open to individual and corporate sponsorship. We are seeking individuals or organization that can sponsor some of our public healthcare programme.

Below are some of the programmes under sponsorship:


AfriHealthHub Content Marketing Contest is a writing contest design to educate and raise new generation of Africa local content writers and experts. 10000 participants participants are expected across Africa.

We are seeking sponsors for category and overall awards and general rewards for participants. This is a perfect sponsorship opportunity for companies or organizations in the Health and Wellness sector.

Contact us for details and benefit to you or your organization. Please this is a time sensities program.


Health2Wealth give various category awards to students in our school health promotion programme. Awards vary from study materials to souvenirs to electronic gadgets.

You can learn more about the awards by visiting the School Health Promotion page.

This programme is open to sponsorship nationwide from individual to small business to multi-national organization to government.

Please contact us if you are interested and one of our representatives will contact you.


HEALTH2WEALTH promote and sponsor YALICares Health Awareness lecture series to families, organizations and communities, presented by certified public health educators representing many specialized healthcare areas. The program is facilitated as #YALILearns event.

The series often includes free health screenings as well as general interest programs provided by well-known public speakers and other healthcare experts.

These awareness campaigns are open to sponsorship nationwide and across Africa.

Sponsorship can cover cost of promotional materials and items, transportation, feeding and free diagnosis.

Please contact us if you are interested and one of our representatives will contact you.