What Is The Main Difference Between Health And Wellness?


There is divided opinion on the main difference between health and wellness.

Some claim wellness is what you have while health is what you can get.

Others says health is only your physical health while wellness is your physical, mental and spiritual health.

In you own opinion, What Is The Main Difference Between Health And Wellness?

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  1. The Differences Between Health And Wellness Is That HEALTH Is The Freedom You Have From Physical Disease Or Pain. For You To Be Healthy, You Have To Eat Well And Feel Good. As A Person, Your Health Is Affected By Your Lifestyle, That Is, What You Eat, Stress, Sleep, Smoking, Alcohol And Drugs. It Is Also Affected By How You Feel About Yourself, The People Around You And Whether You Look At Your Life As Being Meaningful.
    WELLNESS On The Other Hand Is More Than Being Free From Illness. It Is That Process Of Change And Growth. Wellness Has To Do With Your Physical-wellness, Spiritual Wellness, Environmental Wellness, Intellectual Wellness, Social Wellness, Financial Wellness, Emotional And Mental Wellness.

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