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  1. Skin glue is a special type of medical adhesive. It joins the edges of a wound together, while the wound starts to heal underneath.

    Doctors and nurses may use skin glue to close wounds instead of other methods, such as:

    stitches (sutures)
    skin staples
    adhesive tape

    Skin glue can be used for children and adults.

    Skin glue can also be used to close the edges of other wounds that may be larger. For example, over the top of stitches beneath your skin (subcutaneous stitches) or to close an incision made during an operation.

    Surgeons may use skin glue after operations or procedures such as:

    vasectomy (male sterilisation)
    laparoscopy (a procedure that doctors use to look inside the abdomen)
    removal of benign skin lesions
    groin incisions for hernia operations

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