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  1. Registering as blind or partially sighted

    Visit your GP or optician if you’re having problems with your sight. They can refer you to a consultant ophthalmologist (eye specialist) who can assess whether you qualify to register as sight-impaired (partially sighted) or severely sight-impaired (blind).

    If you qualify, the ophthalmologist will complete a certificate of vision impairment. They will send it to your local social services department, who will contact you to find out what help and advice you need.

    If you’re registered with your local authority as blind or partially sighted, you may be entitled to travel concessions. If you’re registered as blind, you may also be entitled to other concessions.

    Registering as deaf

    You should also visit your GP if you’re having hearing problems. They can refer you to a hearing specialist.

    You can also contact social services at your local authority for help and advice about the range of services available. You don’t have to register to do this. However, registering with your local authority as deaf may entitle you to certain concessions.


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