Can Genital HPV Infections Be Treated?


Can genital HPV infections be treated?

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  1. Although there’s no treatment for the HPV virus itself, treatments are available for its effects.

    Most HPV infections don’t cause any serious harm and are cleared by your immune system within 2 years.

    Genital warts

    Genital warts can be treated by either:

    • applying creams, lotions or chemicals to the warts
    • destroying the tissue of the warts by freezing, heating or removing them

    Cervical cancer

    In women, persistent infection with certain “high-risk” types of HPV can cause changes to cells in the cervix, which can increase the risk of cervical cancer.

    The types of HPV that cause genital warts are “low-risk” and aren’t associated with an increased risk of cervical cancer.

    Abnormal cells in the cervix can be treated if detected early, which is why it’s important to attend cervical screening when invited.

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