Can Genital HPV Infection Be Tested For?


Can Genital HPV Infection Be Tested For?

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  1. There is no blood test for genital HPV, but it can be tested for by taking a sample of cells.

    HPV testing in women

    Genital HPV testing is part of cervical screening, which is offered to all women aged 25-64.

    HPV testing in men

    In men, there’s currently no reliable test for HPV infection and it’s often very difficult to diagnose, as there are no symptoms for high-risk HPV.

    Some people who are known to be at a high risk of having anal HPV and of developing anal cancer may be offered an anal smear.

    Genital warts

    Genital warts are a sign of infection with low-risk types of HPV and can be diagnosed in men as well as women.

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