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Partner With Us

Health2Wealth is seeking partners whose mission align with ours to improve lives by creating healthy living awareness, offering the highest preventive healthcare services, promoting quality healthcare products and best business opportunity in wealth creation.

Our philosophy and all our programs are founded on the belief that local partners are often the best resource for local solutions that support long-term country ownership.  We are proud of the relationships we have built with local government, non-governmental, civil society, and faith-based organizations.

Health2Wealth works with our local and regional partners in a variety of ways. Some local and regional organizations have unique talents and specialties that are best suited to the locality context, and we engage these partners for their expertise and understanding of the local challenges.

On other projects, we work with local and regional partners to enhance their capacity and build their technical and technological skills to improve their ability to operate independently and support change long after Health2Wealth’s programs have ended.

Finally, Health2Wealth believes in sustainable solutions and will often transition our activities to local organizations at the end of a project in order to continue building on and increasing impact and improvements to local health systems.

We are always looking for new partners and to build collaborative relationships and want to hear more about the goals and capabilities of your organization.

We have four membership opportunities for partners. Please join the appropriate one below based on your expertise and budget.

#1 My Health Chat Partners

My Health Chat is a new program from Health2Wealth to promote holistic and preventive healthcare in Africa by redefining healthcare delivery through chatting technology for consultancy, social media for engagement with the trust of a medical professional.

To learn more visit: My Health Chat page.

#2 E-Commerce Associate Partners

The E-Commerce Associates (ECA) Program is a new program available from our parent company, WebClick Communications on Health2Wealth Wellness Store that allows commercial sellers to market their products and services online from their own separate “Deal Store” or “Vendor Shop” Website.

In short, you’ll list your products and/or services and they will become viewable by customers at our store. Shoppers may purchase your products/services by placing it in the shopping cart and checking out. We take care of all payment processing on your behalf and then forward you the order for fulfillment. Alternatively, shoppers may choose to redeem their order locally in your business location or transact with you directly.

There are five entry level packages. Please be sure to contact us before choosing a membership package. To apply visit E-Commerce Associate Program page. We are set to launch our new Wellness store by September 1st, 2018.

RankTribe Partners

RankTribe Partners are members of RankTribe Bootcamp, a community of Entrepreneurs and investors using the network marketing business model to raise critical fund for sustainable passive income business in the Health & Wellness, Beauty, Technology & Service industry. Our objective is to raise the next generation of millionaire entrepreneurs in Africa to develop local solutions to solve Africa Health, Economy, Technology, Leadership & Social challenges.

RankTribe Partners are expected to have a strong online presence for their service or practice. As a partner, you will have access to RankTribe Turnkey Business Solution – a  complete done for you online wellness entrepreneurship business package.

RankTribe Partners will form the foundation for our upcoming project AfriHealthHub.com. Afri Health Hub is one stop shop solution for Health and Wellness in Africa featuring epic health content, products, services, opportunity and networking. We will bring together on one platform all stakeholders of Health and wellness in Africa to chat a common course to provide Africa solution to Africa health challenges.

Please be sure to contact us before choosing a membership package on the RankTribe Bootcamp. To learn more about the RankTribe Bootcamp & Turnkey Business Solution visit RankTribe Nigeria or RankTribe Global for Nigerians and non-Nigerians respectively.

Location Service Providers

Fitness & Exercise Centers, Hospitals, Clinics, Spa Store, Food Stores, Home Care Agencies, Veterinary Services, Rehabilitation Centers, Home care agencies, Food Stores & Shopping Malls, Hotels form the bulk of Health2Wealth location service providers.

Together with our location service providers, we create high-quality healthy services with a strong focus on the client’s need.

We’ve developed strategic partnerships with different firms to help bring the highest quality health care promotion and marketing services to our Partners and clients.

  • We can partner as a complete WHITE-LABEL services, offering you and your clients service completely behind the scenes, acting as if we’re your company.
  • Health2Wealth also provides generous referral relationships requesting percentages for referrals.
  • We also operate in a hybrid mode where we are a completely separate company, brought in on a project, but bill you directly so you’re free to bill your clients and provide a 1-stop contact person for your clients.
  • Health2Wealth partner with Tertiary health care service providers. In most cases, this referral follow up from primary and secondary diagnosis from our health awareness campaigns.

Why Become One of Health2Wealth Service Partners?

  • TURN-KEY SERVICES: We offer turn-key solutions to your promotional needs.
  • EXPERIENCE & KNOW-HOW: We’ve handled different project of all sizes on all kinds of environments. We can help guide and solve the toughest business problems. We have in our team talented people.
  • MONEY: Our partners experience an instant addition to their service and product offering that equates to a real increase in revenue.
  • RESULTS: We demand results of the solutions we recommend.
  • SERVICE: Service is at the core of what we do. We’ll guide you through each step of our process. Our partners love us, and so will you.

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