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My Health Journey

Quite simply, My Health Journey provides you with a decade of research and personal experience, distilled down to 8 weeks of potent, practical, and proven advice that will dramatically change the effectiveness of how you take care of your health.

During these 8 weeks you will learn how to take care of your body and mind primarily through mindset, nutrition, supplementation, and therapies that have been historically proven to work for human beings. Timely expert support and a health-minded community round out this unique and powerful program, to give you everything you need to dominate your health journey on your terms.

The core components in My Health Journey that will completely change how you understand and take care of your health, include:

Education – If you are not sure what is going on or why it is happening, and you are swimming in a sea of confusing and conflicting information, your chances of becoming well are very slim. In My Health Journey, you are provided with a powerful yet simplified working knowledge of the body so you can start to become an expert and eliminate the confusion around your health. What’s even better, this education is constantly reviewed, updated, and tweaked to keep you on the cutting edge of your health!

Execution – You know as well as I do that without execution, absolutely NOTHING changes. My Health Journey was created with simplicity of execution as the top priority. I knew that if it was too difficult to understand, no one would do it. I knew that if it was too complicated to incorporate into daily life, that no one would do it. This is the beauty of the My Health Journey plan, because the only way you can really fail at not improving your health is by not doing it!

Empowerment – This is the moment where proper execution leads to self-actualization, which essentially means your commitment to the My Health Journey plan has resulted in a personal experience that now provides you with an increased confidence that you know what you are doing to live your life to your full potential.

Encouragement – Everyone requires the right encouragement to succeed at a higher level in life, and your health is no different. Through our website and My Health Journey  Facebook group you can tap into the expertise of a very experienced holistic health coach, as well as engage with your fellow Health enthusiasts for moral support!



Learn how to create a healthy mindset through specific nutritional choices and various practices and therapies. Powerful foods, herbs, and other plant based medicines beneficial to a healthy mindset are identified, as well as proven mental techniques.


Learn how to nail your nutrition so that you can annihilate nearly any health concern. My special 60 day Digestive Reset Diet will show you exactly how to do it, in record time! Superior supplementation choices will also be identified, so you can create a synergy that outperforms any other nutritional plan. Awesome recipes included to get you started! Nutrition and supplement guru Jetro Olowole (Founder of Health2Wealth.org) provides further insight in our expert interview!


Learn about the most prevalent toxins lurking in your food, water, air, and personal care and household products, and how to eliminate them from your life effectively. Top toxins causing the most health issues today are identified, along with ways to eliminate them from your life naturally and effectively.


Learn about the dynamic of your inner ecology and how to feed it in a way that results in superior digestion and immune system function. Relatively unknown digestion “deal breakers” are examined and solutions provided to help you master your “gateway to health”. Steps to resetting your digestion along with the powerful Digestive Reset Diet are included to alleviate and eliminate any digestive concern.


Learn more about the most dynamic system in your body, and how to support your hormones holistically so poor skin, energy, mood, and sleep become a thing of the past! Special attention is given to the sex hormones, thyroid, and adrenals, along with guidance on how to optimize their function naturally. Balance your hormones, and you will balance your life!


Learn the difference between cleansing and detoxifying and when to do each of them and in what order for optimal and safer toxin removal. simple but crucial steps identified, along with other important procedures and supplements to help streamline the process. A low toxic load means a happier and healthier you!


Learn when to do exercise, and what types, based on your current level of health. Most impactful and beneficial exercises that you can do in your home are identified, as well as special nutritional considerations before, during, and after your workout to maximize your results. Prepare for some myths to be busted!


A review of the course material and how to keep moving forward on your own (based on your current level of health), in order to live your healthiest life! A summary of the most important components are identified, as well as important resources to utilize in order to continue to be empowered in your health choices going forward.


Learn about the critical factors required to get the most out of your brain, so you can help yourself achieve more clarity and improved memory. Foods, herbs, supplements and techniques identified.

How To Join

The My Health Journey program is a close-knit Facebook group that bring you the information, products, program and community support you need to  turn around your health around so as to add years to your life and life to your years.

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We are calling for service partners or location service providers to support health education and provide discounted services to the My Health Journey Program community. These include Hospitals, Fitness Centers, Exercise Centers, Clinics, Rehabilitation centers, Medical Labs, Pharmacy Stores, Media houses, Nurses, Wellness bloggers, Nutritionists, Wellness Retailers, Self-publishers, Wellness Coach, Herbalists. If you own any of these service locations or provide any of the services mentioned above, you can join the program as service partner.

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