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My Health Chat

My Health Chat is a new program from Health2Wealth to promote digital healthcare delivery in Africa by utilizing various digital and technology tools to facilitate service delivery.

The program will deploy platform that utilizes chatting technology for consulting, social media for engagement, ecommerce for product and services delivery, question and answer search engine for enquiry, cap with the trust of a media professional.

My Health Chat is an innovative health solution that uses emerging technologies to ease the challenges of healthcare delivery in Africa. This program was conceived because of the state of the Africa’s healthcare system and the need to bridge that wide gap of the inaccessibility of it by most people.

The advent of digitalized health sector, introduction of robot doctors that can perform surgeries, and technology in its capacity of censoring the body system, will transform health insurance into wellness insurance. And those medical professionals who embrace technology will remain relevant in the scheme of things.

Joining As Service Partner

We are calling for service partners or location service providers to support health education and provide discounted services to the My Health Chat Program community. These include Hospitals, Fitness Centers, Exercise Centers, Clinics, Rehabilitation centers, Medical Labs, Pharmacy Stores, Media houses, Nurses, Wellness bloggers, Nutritionists, Wellness Retailers, Self-publishers, Wellness Coach, Herbalists. If you own any of these service locations or provide any of the services mentioned above, you can join the program as service partner.

STEP 1  – Register on Health 2 Wealth website. Make sure you copy the username you registered on the website. To register visit: www.health2wealth.org/login/

STEP 2  – Using your username from step 1 above as access code, request to join our Facebook group of Health2Wealth Africa Community. To request visit Health2Wealth Africa Community Facebook Group

STEP 3 – Join ECA Program. The E-Commerce Associates (ECA) Program is a new program available from WebClick Communications on Health2Wealth Wellness Store that allows commercial sellers to promote their products and services alongside existing Health2Wealth products and also from their own, separate “Deal Store” or “Vendor Shop” Website. Joining the program will ensure you get regularclient referred to you. To join visit: https://store.health2wealth.org/eca/

Joining As Participant Or Caregiver

STEP 1  – Order any Wellness Pack from our Shop2Wellness Store or Wellness Kit from our Shop2Wellpreneur Store.

STEP 2 – Using your order number from step 1 above as access code, request to join My Health Journey Facebook group. To join visit My Health Journey Facebook Group.