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Infection Wellness Program

Health2Wealth Infection Wellness Program aim to increase access, availability, and utilization of key health services, as well as develop local solutions that strengthening the healthcare delivery system in Africa to tackle infectious diseases. Specifically, the Program supports innovative approaches to strengthen the capacity of public and private sectors to deliver high-impact health interventions to reduce mortality rate and complications from infectious diseases.

The most common cause of disease is infection by microorganisms that find their way into internal body tissues, where they multiply and disrupt normal cell function. These organisms, which are commonly known as germs, take a wide range of forms and contain the groups classified broadly as viruses, bacteria, protozoa, and fungi. Disease can also be caused by larger, more complex organisms, such as parasitic worms and their larvae, which may infest various parts of the body, especially the intestine.

The organisms that cause disease enter the body in a variety of ways. Some are breathed in or swallowed in food and water; others may gain entry through a break in the skin or be transmitted during sexual contact. An infection may spread throughout the body, affecting several organs at once. However, certain infectious organisms target and damage only one particular organ or part of the body, such as the liver, respiratory tract, or intestine.

Infections are more likely to develop if the number of infecting organisms is large or if a person’s resistance to disease is reduced. Reduced resistance may be due to factors such as extremes of age, poor nutrition, or an immune system already weakened by disease.

Our Area of Focus

Viral infections

  1. Common cold
  2. Influenza
  3. Chickenpox
  4. Herpes zoster
  5. Herpes simplex infections
  6. Infectious mononucleosis
  7. Cytomegalovirus infection
  8. Measles
  9. Mumps
  10. Rubella
  11. Fifth disease
  12. Poliomyelitis
  13. Severe acute respiratory syndrome
  14. Viral haemorrhagic fevers
  15. Yellow fever
  16. Dengue fever
  17. Rabies
  18. HIV/AIDS

Bacterial infections

  1. Septicaemia
  2. Toxic shock syndrome
  3. Scarlet fever
  4. Diphtheria
  5. Brucellosis
  6. Listeriosis
  7. Typhoid and paratyphoid
  8. Cholera
  9. Botulism
  10. Tetanus
  11. Hansen’s disease
  12. Leptospirosis
  13. Lyme disease
  14. Plague
  15. Rocky Mountain spotted fever
  16. Q fever
  17. Typhus
  18. Staphylococcus

Protozoal and fungal infections

  1. Malaria
  2. Amoebiasis
  3. Giardiasis
  4. Cryptosporidiosis
  5. Toxoplasmosis
  6. Pneumocystis infection
  7. Cryptococcosis
  8. Aspergillosis
  9. Sporotrichosis
  10. Candidiasis

Worm infestations

  1. Threadworm infestation
  2. Toxocariasis
  3. Ascariasis
  4. Hookworm infestation
  5. Tropical worm infestations
  6. Schistosomiasis
  7. Tapeworm infestation
  8. Hydatid disease

Over the last 100 years, great advances have been made in the control of infections, largely due to improvements in diet, housing, and hygiene. In addition, the increasing availability of routine immunizations and drugs such as antibiotics have made it possible to cure or even wipe out many infectious diseases. International programmes to monitor the occurrence of infections have also helped to check the spread of many often fatal diseases.

However, in many Africa communities, death from infectious diseases is still highly prevalent.

How To Join Our Infection Wellness Program

The Infection Wellness Program is a close-knit Facebook group that bring you the information, products, program and community support you need to prevent, treat and reverse infectious diseases.

Joining As Service Partner

We are calling for service partners or location service providers for our Infection Wellness Program. These include Hospitals, Clinics, Rehabilitation centers, Medical Labs, Pharmacy Stores, Nurses, Doctors, Infection related Wellness bloggers, Nutritionists, Wellness Retailers, Self-publishers, Wellness Coaches, Herbalists. If you own any of these service locations or provide any of the services mentioned above, you can join the program as service partner.

STEP 1  – Register on Health 2 Wealth website. Make sure you copy the username you registered on the website. To register visit: www.health2wealth.org/login/

STEP 2  – Using your username in step 1 above as access code, request to join our Facebook group of Infection Wellness Program. To request visit Infection Wellness Program Facebook group.

STEP 3 – Join ECA Program. The E-Commerce Associates (ECA) Program is a new program available from WebClick Communications on Health2Wealth Wellness Store that allows commercial sellers to market their products alongside existing Health2Wealth products and also from their own, separate “Deal Store” or “Vendor Shop” Website. To join visit: https://store.health2wealth.org/eca/

Joining As Patient Or Caregivers

STEP 1  – Order any of our Infection Wellness Pack or Kit Take note that you are not just paying for the package but for the entire program and other associated benefits now and in the future.

Infection Wellness Packs & Kits include a powerful combo of antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal nutritional supplements and herb recommends by Health2Wealth team to relieve painful inflammation and fight infection in the body. If you can’t find what you are looking for above, please let us know so that we can create a custom package for you.

STEP 2 – Using your order number from step 1 above, request to join our Facebook group of Infection Wellness Program. To request visit Infection Wellness Program Facebook group.