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How To Join Royale Botswana Network Marketing Company

How To Join Royale Botswana Network Marketing Company

There is high interest for Royale Botswana network marketing business because it produces passive income and empower the teaming unemployed population.

Find out how to join the best Botswana network marketing business MLM company.

Why Royale Botswana Network Marketing Business?

The current population of Botswana is 2,325,499 as of Friday, April 27, 2018, based on the latest United Nations estimates.

Significant mineral (diamond) wealth, good governance, prudent economic management and a relatively small population of more than two million, have made it an upper middle-income country.

Despite Botswana’s economic growth, the country faces high levels of poverty and inequality, especially in rural areas and the southern part of the country. Accelerating poverty reduction will require bold decisions that encourage greater private sector job creation, higher value-added agricultural production and services, credit expansion, and lower household debt.

While Botswana’s social sector expenditures have been generous, they have not yielded the impact one might expect. Unemployment has remained stubbornly high at 17.7% and Botswana’s income inequality is one of the highest in the world.

Botswana’s extraordinarily high inequality is holding the country back, making it difficult for sustained growth to lead to rapid poverty reduction.

The current economic model has delivered important results, but it has also generated strong state-dependence (as both the main investor and employer) and little in the way of innovative value-added manufacturing or services in the economy.

More importantly, the model has not facilitated private sector-led job creation, which in turn has exacerbated national inequality.

Given what you have read so far, it appears the future is so bleak for the teeming youth.

Isn’t it? Not really!

Why Join Health2Wealth Royale Botswana MLM Team?

Do you have worries of starting a business? Are you wondering how you can establish an ‘income-generating’ livelihood in a very affordable price without taking risk of traditional business or even the high price of franchising?

There is one solution to your dilemma, dear friend! Join the club of Royale Botswana network marketing club, a company with a continuing drive for excellence making it world-class.

I am certain that many of you would like to know how to become an Independent Distributor of Royale Business Club International in Botswana. And probably, many of you have heard about the company’s competitive network marketing system and its awarded super branded products.

To top it all, Royale Business Club provides a clear and transparent business plan and one of the best Health and Beauty company to be affiliated with. I know you’re excited and interested – so keep on reading.

Royale Business Club International Incorporated is a world-class institution, passionate and committed in uplifting the lives of people in providing them a profitable business opportunity and training them to be successful entrepreneurs.

Royale is planning to launch soon in Botswana and some persons are already joining the train to become one of the company leaders.

This is your best time and your best opportunity to join the best Botswana network marketing company expanding in Africa.

Are you not tired of old network marketing companies that uses old marketing plan that enslave you to products sales without commensurate income?

How To Join Royale Botswana Network Marketing Company

Royale is well established in Nigeria and is set to launch in Botswana and they are witnessing tremendous growth in Europe, Asia, America and Africa.

If you are in Botswana and would like to join Royale, you should join under the Nigeria platform. With Nigeria account, you have the opportunity to recruit people across Africa including Nigeria. That is a huge opportunity.

When Royale eventually launch in Botswana, you will still continue to use your account.

Follow the steps below to join Royale from Health2Wealth Royale Botswana team without delay.

STEP 1. Review Royale Botswana Business Presentation

If you are interested in how to become a distributor of Royale Business Club in Botswana, first read my Royale Network Marketing MLM Review.

You may also contact  Kesaobaka Kessnova Ikobeng for the official Royale Business Presentation document or nearby event.

STEP 2Choose Your Preferred Royale Membership Package

Since you are joining under Nigeria, you will need to use the Nigeria account packages. Choose the right Royale business club membership package to launch your business. There are four packages to choose from. Each package has a combination of Royale products.

#1 Royale Starter Package

Royale Botswana Stater PackageRoyale Starter Package is best for starting entrepreneurs in Botswana who are adding more sources of income to their baskets. The Royale Starter package is one account package.

There are three options to choose from at the cost of about P 1,356.90.

Royale Starter Package A has one product each from some of Royale line of products including Wellness, Skin Care, Cosmetics and Beverages worth P 1,784.13.

Royale Starter Package B has one product each from some of Royale line of products including Wellness, Skin Care, Make up, Cosmetics and Beverages worth P 1,715.17.

Royale Starter Package C has one product each from some of Royale line of products including Wellness, Skin Care and Soaps worth P 1,657,53.

Using the current exchange rate, you can estimate how much will ₦50,000 Nigeria currency amount to in Botswana Pula. You can use XE Currency Converter to find the amount by converting Nigeria ₦50,000 to Botswana Pula.

#2 Royale Business Package

Royale Botswana Business PackageRoyale Business Package is a fit for people in Botswana who has a vast experience with negotiations and business. The Royale Business package is a three account package.

There are three options to choose from with the same entry cost of about  P 4,070.70.

Royale Business Package A has one product each from all Royale line of products including Wellness, Skin Care, Make up, Cosmetics and Beverages worth P 4,479.75.

Royale Business Package B has a mix of wellness products each, beverages and one each of Royale beauty products worth P 4,695.59.

Royale Business Package C has Royale wellness products each, beverages and Royale beauty products worth P 4,707.19.

Note that when you choose three starter packages you also get the bonuses attached to Business account. I highly recommend starting with 3 starter accounts instead of the business account.

Using the current exchange rate, you can estimate how much will ₦50,000 Nigeria currency amount to in Botswana Pula. You can use XE Currency Converter to find the amount by converting Nigeria ₦150,000 to Botswana Pula.

#3 Royale Elite Package

Royale Botswana Elite Package is for people in Botswana who are looking for a business with great return potential. The Royale Business package is a seven account package.  This is the best package for those who will like to launch big and maximize their earnings.

Three are three options to choose from at the cost of about P 9,498.30.

Royale Elite Package A has products from each of Royale line of products including Wellness, Skin Care, Make up, Cosmetics and Beverages worth P 10,721.62.

Royale Elite Package B has products from each of Royale line of products including Wellness, Skin Care, Make up, Cosmetics with more Beverages worth P 10,893.89

Royale Elite Package C has products from each of Royale line of products including Wellness, Skin Care, Make up, Cosmetics and Beverages worth P 11,548.88.

Note that when you choose seven starter packages you also get the bonuses attached to Elite account. I highly recommend starting with 7 starter accounts instead of the elite account.

Using the current exchange rate, you can estimate how much will ₦350,000 Nigeria currency will amount to in Botswana Pula. You can use The Money Converter to find the amount by converting Nigeria ₦350,000 to Botswana Pula.

#4 Royale Satellite Center Franchise Business

The Royale Franchise Business Investment is an investment in a Home Based Business and/or Franchise Satellite Center with Royale Business Club International – and become a special referral center. A low-cost, rewarding business in a multi-billion dollar industry.

As a Royale Franchise Business Investor, you benefit from special recognition and support from Royale and a business startup kit including your own unique website with e-commerce and digital promotion tools from me.

The Royale Franchise Business Investment gives you access to a proven business model and brand for a specified amount of time to operate it as your own independent business. This is an alternative to opening your own “chain of stores.” And it’s a successful business model that many enjoy.

Typically, you’ll pay a large fee up front, which gives you marketing assistance and brand recognition and consulting support in some capacity from Royale Business Club International. And you will have the opportunity to renew your franchise based on your results.

If you are thinking of going it alone and starting a new network marketing franchise business, but think it’s all too complicated, let us help you realize your dreams.

In addition to your Franchise package with Royale, get yourself a stunning logo, website with e-commerce capability and digital promotion in our fantastic Complete Home Business System (TM).

This program is for big investors who is willing to invest a sum of P 30,970.37. The investment can be in Cosmetics, Beverages, Wellness and Health Products or general business opportunity.

Using the current exchange rate, you can estimate how much will ₦1,135,000 Nigeria currency will amount to in Botswana Pula. You can use The Money Converter to find the amount by converting Nigeria ₦1,135,000 to Botswana Pula.

To maintain the sanctity of the program, we will ensured  we train sub-distributors  in Botswana for your satellite center through our internship program who have good track record in sales and recruitment so that it can have a multiplier effect on your investment.

If you are interested in the Royale Satellite Center Franchise business, contact us for a break down of how it works.

STEP 3Fill in the Independent Distributor’s Registration Form

Royale registration form for Nigeria and Africa

Royale registration form for Nigeria and Africa


For sales network placement, you need a sponsor in order to register as a member? As a leader in Royale, I am here to serve as your sponsor and help you in your Botswana network marketing Royale club membership process.

We have a team in Botswana already and you should contact them. You can contact me directly at +2348073102012 (WhatsApp) or email [email protected] for both Sponsor and Upline ID.

You will get your activation details i.e. User ID and Registration Pin after you register with Royale.

After contacting me, I will send you the form to fill and scan back. You will need to scan and send two (2) valid IDs and Passport photograph to process and get your instant Royale ID. You should email copies of two (2) valid IDs, Passport photograph and your specimen signature.

STEP 4. How To Make Payment 

There are mainly four options to make payment for your Royale Business Club membership package.

#1. Visit our office in Lagos/Abuja Nigeria. This option applies if you can afford to visit Nigeria from Ghana. Pay at the head office cashier in Lagos/Abuja. That way you can collect your products directly.

#2. Transfer Money to the Company account. Send payment for the package directly to the company bank account. If you can make payment in any First Bank or Zenith bank office in Botswana. Preferably, you should send your payment to the Lagos branch account. Make sure you scan your teller and send it to me either by email or WhatsApp. Please note that if you choose this option, you will need to send separate money to me for shipping of your product if the shipping agency do not accept payment on delivery. You can request for the account details if you are using this option.

#3. Transfer Money to me for processing. Send payment for the package plus shipping fee. My favourite money transfer method is Western Union. If you will like to use this option, contact me for receiver’s details.

#4. Use a proxy. If you know someone who is coming to Nigeria from Botswana or vice versa, you can ask such person to help you do the processing. Simply ask the person to contact me when he gets to Lagos.

STEP 5. Products Shipment

If you choose to transfer your money as in option two and three above, you will need to use a courier to ship your products. Shipping fee will be based on the weight of the chosen package and the destination of your package. If you have your preferred courier service provider, that will be good. Otherwise, we will need to choose the best with affordable price.

There are many to choose from including EMS (My favourite), UPS and FedEx.

STEP 6. Start Building Your Royale Botswana Network Marketing Business

Network Marketing is a business model which provides an opportunity for people to start and run a business with very little capital. You get training and support from the company system and structures, then work hard to earn REAL MONEY.

When you sign up for a network marketing opportunity, you are required to build a team so you can leverage the effort of your team members.

You are paid for your individual efforts and the effort of your team members. So as your team grows so does your income. With time you don’t need to work again. You would only work when you want to; not because you have to.

Of course, it is always difficult at the beginning. This is because just like a building, a lot of work gets into the foundation, but no one sees anything at that stage. They only begin to see when you start erecting the walls.

So is Network marketing, you do a lot of things from the beginning that you don’t get paid for; but in the latter years as your team grows, you get paid for a lot of things you don’t do.

Therefore, network marketing is one of the best ways to build a stream of passive income. All the hard work you do in network marketing is for you. You are building an empire for yourself. And even when you die, your family can inherit it.

Network marketing allows a person with little education, minimal work experience and from an impoverished country to earn an income comparing that of a doctor or lawyer.

Network marketing works by duplicating a simple system.

If you choose the starter package you will start by sponsoring 2 people interested in building a strong business with you.

If you choose the business package or 3 starter accounts, you will start by sponsoring 4 people interested in building a strong business with you.

If you choose the elite package or 7 accounts, you will start by sponsoring 8 people interested in building a strong business with you.

You may have to talk to and sponsor a lot of people to find your “powerful business-types” that do the work.

In network marketing this is called “sorting” through the talkers from the do-ers.

Once you start building a team that is duplicating the simple system, your weekly and monthly paychecks will start growing.

You will get paid on all the activity of your team, not just yourself.

This is called, “leveraged income”.

You are leveraging other people on your team and earning off the efforts of everyone.

Yes, network marketing takes a lot of work, just like a real business does.

There will be times when you feel like quitting. That’s why it’s important to get down with your MLM sponsor when you join and discus a plan of action.

Also, it’s important to network with like-minded people in your business.

You will want to find two or three “accountability” partners who you can talk to on a daily or weekly basis to keep you going strong.

STEP 7. Receiving Bonus Payment

Royale only issue cheque to members from Botswana for now. While sending your application, you will need to write a letter to the company that you are a member from Botswana and would want  your payment in Cheque. I can help you draft the letter if you need help.

After Royale launch in Botswana, you will be able to withdraw your money into a local bank account.

STEP 8. Prepare For Official Launch of Royale In Botswana

Royale is warming up to launch in Botswana soon. If you join now, you will become one of the pioneer leaders. Besides, you will be able to leverage my network in Botswana to build your business.

You can prepare for Royale official launch in Botswana by talking to as many people as possible, hosting seminar and workshop. We will also be directing other locals who are interested to you.

You should cultivate all interest and get as many people as possible on-board. That way, when the company officially launch in Botswana, your business will  take a giant leap.

Work With Me and My Team

My name is Jetro Olowole. I am a Network Marketing Coach & Business Development Manager. I teach people how to build passive income business from home or an office using the Business Quadrants Wealthflow Theory.

I am very excited about my business opportunity.  I am even more excited about the training and marketing system I have in place to help my team. I am not a normal network marketer.  Instead, I am an entrepreneur first, a digital marketer second and a network marketer third.  I run my business like a Fortune 500 company and I teach my team members to do the same thing.

My team and I have developed tools, training and resources for people who are serious about building a Eight figure network marketing business!

We use a proven, duplicatable system to grow our business and our team. We’ve been able to accomplish this without harassing our friends, family or coworkers and we won’t ask you to either!

In fact, our Sponsoring method is Fast, Fun and Easy!

You don’t need to be a “Recruiting Machine” when your downline is producing (therefore not quitting). We focus on RETENTION (through hi-level Training and Personal Mentoring) vs trying to out recruit attrition.

I DO NOT accept tire kickers, slackers, or whiners! Anyone with those characteristics will not be considered as my business partners. We only accept people on our team who are committed to putting the time and energy in to growing a successful business.

If you are serious about creating true financial and time freedom, if you are serious about growing your business and you want to work with a team that is committed to helping you achieve your dreams and goals and have developed a PROVEN, duplicatable system, resources, tools, training and coaching to help you do just that…then you have to work with me. When we work together, you’ll get:

  1. 100% Assistance Support
  2. Exclusive Access To my Training Website
  3. Marketing Tools Ready For You
  4. Assistance to your Downlines
  5. You’ll get chat support from me
  6. Free Video Training
  7. Free Advertisement Tips
  8. Free Tips How to Handle Your Prospects

Make the best out of your money! Now is your turn to grab the opportunity and start your own profitable business with Botswana Network Marketing Royale Business Club.

About Jetro OlowoleExpert Consultant

Wellness Coach | Business Development Manager | Keynote Speaker | Trainer | Author | Health Researcher | Pro Network Marketers | Blogger. Jetro Olowole (A.K.A. The Business Quadrants Guy) is a Wellness Coach, Home Business Coach, Trainer, Author and Consultant in Digital Marketing and Social Selling for organizations. He uses his website www.JetroOlowole.com to educate people on how to build passive income business using his Business Quadrant Wealthflow Theory. My Wellness Coaching program will help you set goals to improve many areas of your life such as diet, exercise & emotional health.

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