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Health2Wealth Wellness Campaign 2019

Health2Wealth Wellness Campaign 2019

As part of activities to mark the ongoing Health2Wealth Wellness Campaign 2019, we are using this opportunity to call for Sponsors, Franchise Investors, Wellness Retailers, Wellness Entrepreneurs, Location Service Providers, Service Partners, Network Marketers, Direct Sales Interns, Health Promoters, Volunteers and Dispatchers.

The Health2Wealth Wellness Campaign is a 3 month campaign activities for the official hard launch of Health2Wealth.org to promote preventive health care and wellness entrepreneurship. The campaign will double to help partners raise funds for the promotion of health and wellness products and services.

Duration: March 1st – May 31st, 2019


Campaign #1 – Wellness Education

This year Wellness Education campaign will focus on five topics namely Herbal Education, Supplement Education, Total Body Test, Home Essentials and First Aid.

Campaign #2 – Wellness Writing Contest

This year campaign will feature two wellness writing contest tagged #Write2Wellness. One of the topics that will be covered is Diabetes and a general topic from different health sector. This is an opportunity for participants to Learn, Write & Earn. There will be cash reward and other incentives.

Campaign #3 – Shop2Wellness

#Shop2Wellness – A special program for potential Health2Wealth Wellness Enthusiast members to promote preventive healthcare through healthy shopping of diet and nutritional supplements, offering cutting-edge wellness education and program membership. Check the products here http://mlmdeals.ng/shop2wellness-store/

Campaign #4 – Shop2Wellpreneur

#Shop2Wellpreneur – A special program for potential Health2Wealth Wellness Entrepreneur members to turn little investment in health into wealth opportunity to raise lifetime fund for preventive healthcare and passive income. This year campaign will feature 3 programs namely #1Family1Kit, #1Worker1Kit and the recruiting challenge.

#H2WRecruitingChallenge – Health2Wealth Recruiting Challenge is for Health2Wealth Wellpreneur Members and investors to learn how to use social tools to recruit people into their business for higher return on investment. There will be reward for the highest recruiter.

Campaign #5 – Healthy Dieting

This year program will feature live interacting section on Facebook and WhatsApp where we will invite professionals to educate people on healthy dieting in connection with the following health issues  Diabetes, Weight Management,  Workplace Wellness, Fertility, Cancer, Heart, Infection, Mental Health, Maternal Health and Oral Health.

Campaign #6 – My Health Journey

My Health Journey provides you with a decade of research and personal experience, distilled down to weeks of potent, practical, and proven advice that will dramatically change the effectiveness of how you take care of your health. This year campaign will feature three wellness programs namely #Weight2Wealth, #StopDiabetesAfrica and #WorkplaceWellness.



International organizations, NGOs, Corporate organizations, Government agencies, Politicians, Philanthropists and Individual form the bulk of sponsors for our Health Awareness Campaigns and Programs. Programs open to sponsorship include: Wellness Education, Wellness Writing Contest, Healthy Dieting and Community Medical Outreach. Since sponsorship demands and benefits vary depending on the sponsor, you should contact us for more information on how you can support us as a sponsor and the benefits to you or your organization.


As part of the upcoming Health2Wealth Wellness Campaign, we are calling on politicians, philanthropists, big business owners, angel investors to invest in our Franchise opportunity with at least ₦1,300,000 ($3,607.00). This is an investment in a Franchise Satellite Center with Royale Business Club International – a low-cost, rewarding business in a multi-billion dollar industry. Our Franchise investment is a two-edge sword investment with focus on retail opportunity and community empowerment. We have plan for high return on investment and investors using the opportunity to empower their community. If you are interested, please contact us so that we can discuss how this can benefit you.


Health food stores, Pharmacies, Beauty and Spa Business, Shopping Mall, Grocery retailers, entrepreneurs, Small business owners form the bulk of our Wellness retailers. You can choose to start with an ECA Retailer package of ₦2,500, ECA Vendor package of ₦5,000, business package of ₦150,000  or an Elite package of ₦350,000. Selected participants will have the opportunity to learn digital marketing strategies for promotion and social recruiting. If you have a retail location and the budget, this is a perfect opportunity for you.


Individuals, home business entrepreneurs, small business owners, full-time and part-time workers, students, graduates form the bulk of our wellness entrepreneurs. Applicants can operate from anywhere whether home or office. Acceptance as wellness entrepreneurs require a minimum investment of ₦55,000 and no maximum cap. The more you invest, the more money you make. Contact us for details.


Fitness & Exercise Centers, Hospitals, Clinics, Spa Store, Food Stores, Home Care Agencies, Rehabilitation Centers, Hotels form the bulk of Health2Wealth location service providers. Together with our location service providers, we create high-quality healthy services with a strong focus on the client’s need. We’ve developed strategic partnerships with different firms to help bring the highest quality health care promotion and marketing services to our Partners and clients. Contact us if you will like to partner with us for client referral opportunity.


Doctors, Nurses, Physicians, Public health educators, Pharmacists, Lab Scientists, medical professionals, fitness and exercise coaches form the bulk of Health2Wealth service providers. Together with our service partners, we create high-quality healthy services with a strong focus on the client’s need. Contact us if you will like to partner with us for client referral opportunity.


There is massive opportunity for investment whether you are new or an experience network marketer. Investors should be willing to learn how to sponsor advertisement online for sales of products that come with their investment. They should also be willing to participate in campaign for massive recruitment. Benefits to investors include: quick recovery of investment capital, high return on investment, ongoing support to launch business in new territory, special training online or offline in digital promotion, free referrals from our internship program, invitation to join RankTribe Bootcamp of Pro Network Marketers. Contact us for more information.


Students and Graduates form the bulk of our direct sales interns. To join as Intern, you must have a membership status in RankTribe Bootcamp. Interns will receive special training in digital marketing and online sales and be able to earn while learning. The internship program utilizes offline and online based coaching program. All interns are expected to participate in the upcoming Wellness Writing Contest. Contact us for more information.


We are looking for pleasant and competitive Health Promoters that thrives in attracting new customers. The successful candidate will play a fundamental role in achieving our ambitious customer acquisition and revenue growth objectives. You must be comfortable making dozens of product/services presentations, generating interest and qualifying sales prospects. Promoters may be asked to participate in health products distribution or participate in health and business opportunity events in their area. Contact us for details.


As a volunteer for the Health2Wealth Wellness Campaign, you will join thousands of volunteers in Africa helping to expand community outreach and impact, inspire healthy living, intensify our advocacy efforts and raise critical fund for our mission. You will make a difference in the lives of all those impacted by diseases. We have lots of ways for you to get involved and support our mission. We’ll find something that fits your interests, passions, skills and schedule.


We are looking for a reliable Courier Dispatchers to act as a communication point for emergency and non-emergency calls. You will receive requests, transmit messages and track deliveries. The ideal candidate must be primarily an excellent communicator and able to remain calm and composed, especially in emergency situations. You must be able to multi-task as well as take the appropriate action with little supervision. The goal is to enable different parties to communicate well by ensuring the accurate and timely transmission of information. You should work with our partners, clients, courier providers and the branch offices for products effective delivery. If you are interested, contact us.


STEP 1 – Comment in this post how you will like to get involved.

STEP 2 – Contact Us (+2348073102012)

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