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Health Promoters

We are looking for pleasant and competitive Health Promoters that thrives in attracting new customers.

The successful candidate will play a fundamental role in achieving our ambitious customer acquisition and revenue growth objectives.

Your role as a health promoter is to help people to improve their health and increase their control over it. You could also be known as a health promotion specialist, health education specialist or health improvement practitioner.

Working in a range of settings, you might participate in wellness content marketing contest and promotion, social media marketing promotion, face-to-face advice to individuals, set up schemes promoting a healthy lifestyle, run campaigns and implement government initiatives relating to public health. You’ll also produce strategic policies for health promotion.

You must be comfortable making dozens of product/services presentations, generating interest and qualifying sales prospects.

Health Promoting Affiliate

Health Promoting Affiliate membership allows you to market and promote world’s leading health and beauty offers online. We use one of the best tracking software in the industry. If you have a website and are interested in making money off the explosive sales in the health and beauty industry, then Health2Wealth is perfect for you. Offers include products in the health, beauty, supplement, weight loss, and skin care industry.

We carry an extensive range of vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids, nutritional supplements, health resources and equipment, medical devices and so on. Every item in our store has been extensively researched and handpicked by Health2Wealth team for superior quality and efficacy.

Joining as health promoting affiliate require a token investment. For more information about the ECA program and how to apply as a Health Promoting Affiliate visit E-Commerce Associates Program.

Health Promoting Consultant

Health Promoting Consultant are part of our E-Commerce Associates (ECA) Program. The ECA program is available from WebClick Communications on Health2Wealth Wellness Store platform that allows commercial sellers to market their products or services at Health2Wealth from their own, separate online “Deal Store”.

In short, you’ll list your services as local deals or your affiliate products and they will become viewable by shoppers at Health2Wealth Wellness Store. Shoppers may purchase your products by placing it in the Health2Wealth shopping cart and checking out. We take care of all payment processing on your behalf and then forward you the order for fulfillment. Alternatively, shoppers may choose to redeem their order locally in your store or transact with you directly.

Joining as health promoting consultant require a token investment. For more information about the ECA program and how to apply as a Health Promoting Consultant visit E-Commerce Associates Program.

Health Promoting Associate

Health Promoting Associate are part of our E-Commerce Associates (ECA) Program. The ECA program is available from WebClick Communications on Health2Wealth Wellness Store that allows commercial sellers to market their products or services at from their own, separate Health2Wealth online “Deal Store”.

Joining as health promoting associate require a token investment. For more information about the ECA program and how to apply as a Health Promoting Associate visit E-Commerce Associates Program.

Health Promoting Specialist Members

At Health2Wealth, health promotion specialists’ main goals are to improve the health of individuals, populations and communities.

The role goes far beyond working with individuals to better their health; health promotion specialists are also integral to the strategy work behind health policy development.

Essentially, health promotion specialists work with organisations and communities, such as neighbourhoods, schools and hospitals, to make them aware of their roles in promoting health.

This might involve developing partnerships with influential people, organisations and communities to further public health. As part of this, health promotion specialists might look at ways of improving health information and the way that it is conveyed, distributed and accessed.

It’s possible to cover a number of health-related issues, or to specialise in one area such as: drug misuse, the dangers of smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, healthy eating, sexual health, maternal health, malaria prevention and so on.

All health promoting specialists will be notified of any available project in their area as well as rewards and remuneration. You will also benefit from our Client referral program if you are on My Health Chat program.

Health Promoting Specialist Qualification

You can become a health promotion specialist with a degree in any subject but the most relevant degrees are biological, social and behavioural sciences.

In particular, a degree in any of the following subjects may increase your chances of being accepted for special projects:

  • community and youth work
  • dietetics
  • education
  • environmental health
  • health promotion
  • health studies
  • nutrition
  • public health.

Entry with an HND may be possible if you have extensive related pre-entry experience and/or a relevant professional qualification. A one-year top-up programme in health promotion is available for those with an appropriate foundation degree or diploma.

Membership Comparison

The table below summarize health promoting membership options.

Health2Wealth Shop Commision   5% 10% 10% Quote
Deal Store Ownership No No No NA
No of Deals in Store 2 5 10 NA
Add Local Deals NO YES YES NA
External Link On Deals YES YES YES NA
Initial Facebook Ad Credit ₦200 ₦400 ₦600 NA
Access To Training/Video YES YES YES YES
Site Banner Ad NO NO NO YES
Submit Guest Post/Article YES YES YES YES
Add Event NO NO NO YES
Cost  ₦1,000  ₦2,000  ₦3,000  FREE

General Responsibilities

  1. Attend team meetings where applicable and possible
  2. Health2Wealth may organize health and business opportunity events in your area and you may be expected to participate.
  3. You may be required to sign up with Jumia so that we can track sales from your effort.
  4. Demonstrate and provide information on promoted products/services
  5. Create a positive image about health products and lead consumers to use it
  6. Use lectures, films, charts, and/or slide shows to explain our services
  7. Distribute product samples, brochures, flyers etc. to source new sales opportunities
  8. Identify interest and understand customer needs and requirements

General Requirements

  1. Minimum of SSCE is an advantage but not a requirement
  2. Should be willing to make sacrifices
  3. Display integrity at all times
  4. Should be willing to accept financial remuneration and reward due him/her base on his/her activities or assignment completed.
  5. Preferably resident in the community assigned
  6. Ability to understand customer needs and handle different types of personalities
  7. Strong listening, communication, presentation and social skills

Health Promoting Members Application Form

Please fill the form below to apply as Health Promoter.

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