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Four Simple Tips To Get Rid of Beer Pot Belly

As time marches on, some people will find that they are retaining a beer pot belly and let’s admit, whether you’re a man or woman, no one likes to have that bulging gut hanging from your beltline! Here are some techniques on how to get rid of that beer pot belly!

Get up and exercise

Stack some books or put some fruits on a durable plastic bag. Maybe a pail of water will do. Anything that weighs 10 kilograms or more, lift it. Lifting weights strengthen your muscles and boosts your metabolism.

Another good idea is to endure some cardio training, even if you have to hire a personal trainer for the first week or so just to get you into proper motion, do just that!  Now, don’t think that a thirty-minute jog will cut it.  You are going to have to consistently get up and stay in motion for longer.

Start with the basics:

Jumping jacks: For strength and endurance
Squats and walking lunges: For building lower body muscles
Pushups: For arm strength
Sit ups: For upper body strength

Doing these exercises keeps your blood pumping and your body sweating. That means, calories burning. By patiently and consistently following a routine, expect that belly change in a matter of months. It might be hard, but it’s gonna be worth it.

Have Enough Sleep

It might be impossible to believe, but sleeping can actually help us lose weight. This is because when we sleep, our bodies produce a hormone called leptin. This hormone has the ability to keep our appetites and another hormone called ghrelin low. Ghrelin is the exact opposite of Leptin as it is responsible for stimulating our appetite.

The next time you decide to take a nap, don’t think that you are completely lacking the activity to lose weight. You are actually losing some.

Reduce Alcohol Consumption

It might sound awful, but you have to monitor how much alcohol you consume.  You cannot drink like it’s going out of style and not expect to blow up like a blimp.  Alcohol has quite a lot of sugar in each bottle and consuming too much of it will make you fat.

If you want to lose the beer belly, you will have to taper off your alcohol intake until you can finally get it down to only having one day set aside for drinking. It’s time you say yes to just “drinking occasionally in moderation.”

It helps to drink water in between glasses of liquor to keep you hydrated and to help increase your digestion.

Eat smart

You can’t just cut out most of the alcohol and then continue to eat processed, packaged, and salty foods.  It just doesn’t work that way; your body doesn’t work that way!  Your body, your mind, and your emotional status all play hand in hand and when you don’t change your eating habits your beer belly will forever be there.

Say goodbye to carbs and say hello to protein! Apparently, it has been proven that our cravings can be reduced up to 60% just by eating protein-rich food. So don’t just stop eating, eat right.

Here is a list of the basic protein-rich food that’s just around you.

fish or any seafood

Of course, you can also seek the aid of dietary supplements to flatten back that beer belly faster.

If you realize that you might have drunk more than you should have, seeing that beer pot belly hanging low, say enough is enough! Trim down the unnecessary portions of your stomach.

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