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Community Preventive HealthCare Campaign

The Community Preventive HealthCare Campaign is an intervention programme aim to help all community members get and stay healthy.

Our organization is a community of health educators dedicated to the promotion of high quality information on how to live in Health, Wealth and total well-being.

Community Preventive HealthCare Campaign

The Community Preventive Healthcare Campaign is an intervention programme design inline with the World Health Organization Primary Healthcare programme.

The programme focuses on Primary and Secondary healthcare which emphasizes prevention and diagnosis of chronic diseases before they strike.

Are we losing the battle? World Health Organization project that over 2 million people will die of chronic diseases like HEART DISEASES, STROKE, CANCER, CHRONIC RESPIRATORY DISEASE and DIABETES over the next 10 years. Death from chronic diseases will increase by 15% and death from diabetes will increase by a staggering 44%. But here comes the goodnews, all this can be prevented through health education that lays emphasis on lifestyle changes and diet improvement. It is safe, simple, cheap and efficient.

At HEALTH2WEALTH, we have formulated a SOLID NUTRITIONAL FOUNDATION which we believe is the essential key tool required in the pursuit of Health, Vitality and Functional longevity and in fighting chronic diseases.

Our mission is to fulfill such needs by carrying out FREE healthy living lectures in communities. After the lecture, we will carry out, right there at the venue, AFFORDABLE comprehensive test, such as Blood Pressure check and other available screening. We may also carry out Quantum Resonance Body Analysis which checks heart, kidney, reproductive organs and minimum of other 34 organs of the body.

Proposal For Community Preventive HealthCare Awareness

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