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Advertising on Health2Wealth.org

Advertise on Health2Wealth and get your products and services in front of business men and professionals who are banking money on daily basis. Health2Wealth.org and its asset has one of the finest internet audience in Nigeria, made up of serious people who are looking for ways to improve their health and new wellness business opportunities to invest in.

We’ve been busy over the years building a community of responsible high net worth business men and women and shoppers who have what it takes to patronize your business. Now is the time to experience the benefit of this useful audience by advertising with us at a minimal cost.

Health2Wealth.org traffic is 90% organic! That is, people who are searching for different health solutions on Google, Bing, Yahoo search, and other major search engines. Relying on search engine for traffic means filtering the quality of people that visits Health2Wealth.org and nothing less.

Average of 10,000 unique Nigerians both home and abroad visits Health2Wealth.org on daily basis, generating 20,000+ page views daily. This is more than the number of newspaper copies sold daily by most print medias in Nigeria who charges N500,000 per page for one day advert.

10,000 x 30 = 300,000 monthly unique (search engine) visitors
20,000 x 30 = 600,000 monthly page views.

One unique thing about our advert is that we don’t litter our pages with advertisements. Only few slots and we are done, no ad rioting, no unnecessary competing ads, only the real deal!

Another good news is that you don’t have to break the bank to advertise your products and services on Health2Wealth.org, just as low as N4,000 and you’ll have your ads on our site and social assets for a whole one week. Take advantage of our introductory offers.

Below are some of available sizes and the current rates.

Sitewide  Advert size    Location   Weekly Rates  Monthly Rates
 Banner 1 (250 x 250 px)   Site Sidebar (Top)  ₦5,000  ₦16,000
 Banner 2 (250 x 250 px)   Site Sidebar (Bottom)  ₦4,000  ₦12,000
 Banner 3 (970 x 90 px )   Site After Header  ₦10,000  ₦24,000
 Banner 4 (970 x 250 px)   Site After Header  (BillBoard)  ₦15,000  ₦48,000


 Sitewide Advert size     Location   Weekly Rates  Monthly Rates
 Banner 5 (728 x 90 px )   Between Post & Comment 1  ₦10,000  ₦35,000
 Banner 6 (728 x 90 px )   Between Post & Comment 2  ₦10,000  ₦35,000
 Banner 7 (728 x 90 px )   Between Comment & Answer  ₦10,000  ₦35,000
 Banner 8 (300 x 600 px)   After Content (Bottom)  ₦10,000  ₦35,000


 Category Sidebar Size 


 Weekly Rates

 Monthly Rates

 Banner 9 (250 x 250 px) Site Sidebar (Top)  ₦5,000  ₦15,000
 Banner 10 (250 x 250 px) Site Sidebar (Bottom)  ₦4,000  ₦12,000


How To Place Advert

1. Make your payment into our bank account. Or use your Shop Points or Advert Points.

2. Design your advert in JPG, PGN, JMPG, and send it in attachment to: sales[at]health2wealth.org (make sure you follow the best practice in ad design)

Once we have your advert and verify your payment, your ads will be live.

If you desire special position or possible discount, you can send us email stating your budget and size and we’ll take it from there.

Email your advert inquiries to: sales[at]health2wealth.org

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